In collaboration with the Hilltop Business Association the 2017 Latin Arts Festival will take place during the Hilltop Street Fair on Saturday August 26, 2017 from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Vendors are invited to showcase their arts and crafts throughout the Hilltop Street Fair setting. Vendors who wish to share a booth in the Latin Arts Barrio will be assigned to booth space within the Barrio setup located at People’s Park (900 South Martin Luther King Way), City of Tacoma.

Barrio Vendors


Barrio vendors will feature traditional as well as contemporary Latino art, food, folk arts and crafts representative of Caribbean, North, Central and South American regions. Children will hear traditional fables and will be invited to take part as storytellers, musicians and dancers.

Download Application Here (right click and “save as”: to save local computer)PDF or Word Doc

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Application deadline is August 14, 2017

Please Mail (or Drop off) Application and Vendor Fee:

Latin Arts Festival C/O Centro Latino
1208 South 10th Street
Tacoma, WA 98405

Size: 10′ X 10′ (provide your own table, chair, backdrop, sides, roof, etc.)
No electricity provided. You are responsible for set up and clean-up.

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VENDOR FEES Before August 14, 2017 After August 14th
Business Vendor Fee $75 $80
Non-profit Vendor Fee $50 $55
Food Vendor Fee $150 $175
Barrio Vendor $30
Professional Artists  $25                                               $75
 All other Artists  $15                                               $50
Art Booth
(Artist who registered for Juried Art Show & Film Contest)

Make check Payable to: Centro Latino Festival

– $5.00 City of Tacoma vendor fee is included in all fee pricing
– Payments of check or money order are to be written to Centro Latino
– Please include with application.

– All vendors will be screened by committee for vendor selection prior to approval.

  Approved vendors will receive a letter or email with load-in information and booth

– Once approved, the vendor fee is non-refundable regardless of reason (e.g. rain

  or shine) of requested cancelation by vendor.

– Festival set-up is at 7:00 am-9:00 am; all vehicles are required to be off the

  street by 9:00am Festival begins at 10:00 am.
– Tear down begins at 5:00 pm. Please do not begin tear-down until 5:00 pm. Early

  tear-down causes a safety risk for festival participants and is not sanctioned by

  Festival risk-insurance.
– Festival streets reopen to traffic at 7:00 pm. Vendors who impede street

  reopening may be fined by City of Tacoma Police and Fire inspectors.
– Alcoholic beverages, loud music, and smoking are not allowed in vendor booths.
– We ask vendors to complete exit survey. This information is used to evaluate the

   success of the festival.
– Access to electricity is not possible.
– Vendors must abide by ADA requirements and make sure cord/cable covers are

   secure for foot traffic areas.
– Vendor tents/canopies must post name and address of owner, size of tent/canopy

  and date the fabric was treated with flame resistant solution, trade name or type

  of chemical solution used in treatment, name of firm/individual who treated the

  material, name of test agency and test standard of fabric treatment.
– We ask that all vendors promote their participation in the Festival via social media

  prior to and during the festival.
– Handcrafted/original or unique cultural products and services are encouraged.


Application forms and information on formatting personal biographies and interpretation of image and video artworks can be secured by emailing: and calling (253) 474-6053. Entry fees are $25.00 for professiona

  full-time artists and $15.00 for all other entries.
– Educational handouts for accessing community services and business

  development opportunities are encouraged.
– Gift and product samples and back to school give-away gifts are encouraged.

– Proper Health Department Temporary Food establishment (TFE) permits must be

  obtained from the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department. To obtain a TFE

  permit call: (253) 798-4709.
– All food workers must obtain a food handlers card and this card must be posted

  inthe booth. To obtain a food handlers card call: (253) 798-6475.
-To reserve a food vendor area (10′ x 20′) a copy of the TFE Permit must be

  submitted to the Vendor Coordinator by August 14, 2017. All Pierce County Health

  Department requirements and fees are to be met and paid by the participating Food Vendor.
– Food vendor applicants must provide a menu and price list of items you plan to

  sell from your food booth. Food items and beverages will be restricted if they are

  duplicative or exclusive due to event sponsor participation and/or food safety and

  sanitation concerns are paramount.

– Centro Latino or the Hilltop Business Association and Hilltop Street Fair, assumes

  no liability against physical harm, loss, theft, or damage for Vendor equipment

  and other belongings for the duration of the festival.
– Proof of Liability Insurance naming Centro Latino, as additional insured is required

  from all Food Vendors. A copy of this insurance amendment must be

  submitted to the Vendor Coordinator by August 14, 2017
– Other vendors will be required to provide proof of insurance or sign a waiver

  acknowledging acceptance of liability should physical harm, loss or damage occur.