Syllabus Middle School Film Class

Introduction to Film Production

This course offers an introduction to the fundamental elements and process of film production. It will focus on the qualities of the films and images as a 2-dimension visual art form. Additionally, students will be introduced to acting, dancing, lighting, screenplay writing, and video production sound. Students will work in digital video and edit in Final Cut Pro. All necessary equipment will be provided by Tacoma Public Library and Centro Latino. Students may also use their own gears and software to complete assignments outside of class time.

After successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Create a digital short film project;
  2. Have a basic understanding of film pre-production, production, and post-production;
  3. Have a basic knowledge of common terms in cinematic language.

Group process and collaboration are essential parts of this course. Attendance is a must!

Week 1 – Introduction Week

Week 2 – Movement

  • Icebreaker
  • Intro Final Cut Pro
  • Create: Where is Matt Parody
  • Where is Matt Video
  • ReEdit Where is Matt Parody
  • Akira Kurosawa Composing Movement

Week 3 – Intro Final Cut Pro

  • Re-edit With Final Cut Pro
  • Add Text
  • Introduce Share AirDrop
  • Introduce Chroma Key
  • John Introduction Film Sound (Baker)

Week 4 – Final Cut Pro

  • Short Video: Piper (animation)
  • Short Video: The Present
  • Re-edit With Final Cut Pro
  • Add Text
  • Collaborate AirDrop
  • Add Dancing Zebra
  • John Introduction Film Sound (Steward)

Week 5 – Final

  • Film Class Recruitment
  • Final: Dance Video Presentation

Week 6 – Review & Intro Screenplay Writing

Week 7 – Screenplay Writing & Joke Project

  • 180 Degree Rule
  • Work on Joke Screen Play
  • Start Jokes Project
  • Introduce Tripod

Week 8 – Part 1: Production & Post Production Joke Video

Week 9 – Part 2 (short Week): Production & Post Production Joke Video

  • Production Joke Film
  • 180 Degree Rule Video
  • Review First Version Joke Film

Week 10 – Part 3: Production & Post Production Joke Video

  • Intro to intellectually property rights
  • Intro Youtube Audio Library
  • Re-Shoot Joke Video
  • Re-Edit Joke Video