Saturday Market

Saturday Market Location:

Latin Arts Saturday Market events are convened throughout Pierce County. Community groups and event sponsors are most welcome to contact the Latin Arts Saturday Market through the Contact section of this website or call Centro Latino SER (253) 572-7717.
The Latin Arts Saturday Markets are sponsored by Centro Latino, City of Tacoma Central Area Neighborhood Council and the Washington State Arts Commission. The purpose of the Latin Arts Saturday Market is to model a typical outdoor street market found in North, Central and South American and Caribbean countries.

Latin Arts Saturday Market vendors dress in native costumes and their goods for sale feature Arts and Crafts, food, music and dance from their country of origin. In addition, the Washington State Arts Commission and National Endowment for the Arts has sponsored several Art Workshops for Saturday Market shoppers and youth to learn and produce modern day Artworks characteristic of Ancient Mayan, Inca and Aztec civilizations.

Saturday Market Schedule:

Latin Arts Saturday Markets are scheduled for Saturday exhibition from April through November. If you are an event organizer and wish to schedule the appearance of the Latin Arts Saturday Market, please enter your request through the Contact tab of this website or call Centro Latino SER (253) 572-7717 and the Market Coordinator will respond to your request.

Saturday Market Vendors:

Please read our guidelines (click on Vendor tab for Vendor Information) in detail before requesting a Saturday Market date for your participation. The application and receipt of payment must be completed and received by the Friday before the Saturday Market event.
Gratitude is extended to the program contributors of the Latin Arts Saturday Market: