Film Contest

Juried Film Contest 

Call for Entries:

The 2017 Latin Arts Festival Juried Video Exhibition and Contest seeks film productions created to communicate a story in response to the theme: “Unity through Diversity”. Youth and graduates of the 2017 Summer Film Camp (sponsored by Pierce County Library system, City of Tacoma Library system, 253 Write and Centro Latino are encouraged to submit film footage describing historic to present day stories featuring personal experiences, family history, cultural traditions and significant social, political and environmental events associated with the theme: “Unity through Diversity”. Certificates, ribbons and three hundred dollars ($300) will be awarded for placement as best photography, acting, sound score, directing, editing and best film overall.

* Film entries will be available for public viewing during the Hilltop Street Fair, Saturday August 26, 2017 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm

* Entry deadline is August 10, 2017

* Juried by three (to be announced) Film Curators

* All entries will be judged (see below for Criteria and Scoring) on originality, technical excellence, composition, overall impact, and artistic merit.

* A $25.00 fee will be charged for each individual artist entry (four images) and $15.00 for each film four minute film entry.

* Entries will be submitted by way of a U-tube upload.

* Mobile devices include phones, cam-cords and DSLR cameras

* Legal Agreement: The Artist of each film entry retains 100% copyright to his/her own images. Artist’s recognition is provided with any use for

marketing/promotion of the 2017 and 2018 Latin Arts Festival.

* Exhibition Payment of the submission fee indicates acknowledgement of all terms and conditions.



Judging Criteria for Film Contest



Verse resonates beautifully throughout the piece, thought provoking, masterfully

interwoven in the storyThis is a full 20% (20 points) of a film’s total score. It is how

skillfully, artistically, and ingeniously the producer uses the verse as a foundation to the


Judges will rate the verse on face value, asking “Are all of the verse’s story points

addressed?” Judges will watch for subtleties and symbolism. Films should

communicate  behavioral, psychological and spiritual consequences and benefits for

humans and the physical environment. Jurors will be required to study the verse before

and after viewing the film.



Story is inventive, fresh and masterfully woven. Dialog is excellent.  Characters are compelling and resonate compassion, interest and knowledge of

the theme: “Unity through Diversity”

      *DIRECTOR – 10 points
Story is told in a unified, unique & cohesive, clear, distinctive style & tone. Relational dynamics are believable and represent accuracy in storytelling

associated with historical

events, cultural traditions and modern day responses to present-day social, political, economic and environmental conditions and situations.


Vibrant visual images symbolizing the telling of a story. Camera movement and shot selection is excellent.

*EDITOR – 10 points

Rhythmic, moving, engaging arrangement of pictures and sound


Outstanding selection, configuration and use of background geography and place/location props to introduce the psychological and

environmental conditions of the film’s subject and characters.

*ORIGINAL MUSIC SCORE or SCORE EFFECTIVENESS (if not original) – 10 points

The music perfectly complements the story and overall message. Musician name(s) and certification indicating permission to use their music score must

be identified and completed within the Film entry application(s).

*SOUND DESIGN  10 points

Consistent levels, beautiful transitions between words and music, absence of distracting noises (buzz, hum, hiss, etc.).

*ACTING – 10 points

Relational dynamics are strong & believable. Visual imagery and supplemental acting creates a compelling bond with the audience.